Our Stories: 35 Tina Parziale

parziale 1

Tina Parziale is an actress, teacher, poet and a traveler.


I met Tina when she was performing in the role of “Babe” in the Backyard Theater Ensemble’s production of “Crimes of the Heart”. Technically this Crayon Diary Our Stories depiction isn’t the first time I drew a picture of Tina Parziale, I sketched one for my Nutmeg Chatter article. Tina was excellent in the role and I enjoyed her subsequent performance as Amy Lee in “Laundry and Bourbon” when it was performed a the Warner Theater in Torrington during the AACT Festival.


parziale 2

Her friends describe Tina as a strong independent woman and I wanted to depict that persona in an interesting way.  As it turns out she had gone to a Steampunk convention at some point during the year and had worn the outfit I’ve drawn here. I decied that a “pulp novel cover” would be the way to go.

I used some common steampunk elements like two flying ships (she can choose which one is hers and the name of the ship!)  and as this is the 35th Our stories, I hid the 35 somewhere in the picture. Ifyou look closely in the buildings directly to the right from her elbow, you’ll see it.

Tina is well traveled and the character here clearly would be as a warrior/poet for hire. Now I used color pencils with some pastels so it is difficult to see from the scanned verison but the original has a nice color of the sky and the reddish-yellow moon.   The lettering proved difficult as the paper wasn’t designed for lettering but if a graphic designer created a better logo for the pulp novel here, I think it would fly off the shelves!



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