Our Stories: #34 On Deck Sound Studio



On Deck Sound Studio is a state of the art recording facility in the beautiful and bucolic Litchfield Hills. Owned and operated by Tracy Walton, it has been the birthplace of such extraordinary albums like the debut EPs of Krizta Moon, Julia Autumn Ford, Screamin’Eagle Band, Sarah Barrios and many more and of course is the birthplace of Tracy Walton’s latest album “Moderately Unknown”. Walton will be performing July 18th at the Warner Theatre so I created a very special 3D piece of art that celebrates his studio!

This is a 3D work of art for On Deck Sound Studio.  There are three components to the piece. The first component is the entrance point into the studio. The second is the studio itself. The third page has the cut outs for the items within the studio including the people, the equipment and the instruments.

ondeck 1.jpg

This is the first of the pages. The two side windows and the window on the door are cut out. There’s a sign I put on the top left for On Deck Sound Studio and there’s a sign for Tracy Walton Live at The Warner Theatre on the bottom left. These two items aren’t there in reality but they add a nice touch to the outer portion of this piece.

The sign is based on Luke Haughwout’s photo that is now the poster for the Tracy Walton Concert. The concert is coming up 7/18/2015. Go see the show!

ondeck 2

The second piece is the inside of the studio.

There are windows and there’s usually multiple instruments and microphones in the space. I’ve removed them and added them to Page 3-the cut outs.




ondeck 3

Page 3 is the cut out page. I added the piano, microphones, guitars, drums, and musicians. I have opted NOT to cut out the characters and left them as is on a sheet.  I created a few separate ones for use/example so you can see the full effect.




on deck 1

The full effect works when the page 1 and 2 are taped together at each end, then when folded out, the 3D effect is revealed.


By creating this artwork in this very fun way, it allows unlimited expansion as any singer/performer/etc who records there could potentially be drawn and placed within a cutout page so this makes it very fun!

I hope you like this unique way of checking out On Deck Sound Studio.

Read more about On Deck Sound Studio at Nutmeg Chatter HERE!

Like it on Facebook HERE at On Deck Sound Studio!

ondeck live at the warner

And be sure to go to Tracy Walton’s concert at the Warner 7/18th. It is not often that a singer within the community has the opportunity to perform with an all-star line up at such a premiere location as the Nancy Marine Studio at the Warner theater. You can BUY TICKETS TO THE WARNER THEATRE CONCERT HERE FROM THIS LINK




ondeck 3


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