Our Stories: 33 Janean Baird



33 Janean Baird poem

Janean Baird is part of “Team Awesome” a group of friends who met on Twitter. Although we were from different parts of North America (friends in Canada, in central NY, in western NY, in Alabama, Janean’s from Illinois and I’m in CT) we formed a tight knit supportive community.

Janean writes about her family, often writing about Blue, her German Shepherd and the walks they take under the moonlight.  Her blog is  Turquoise Tangles


janean 1


In 2012 I created a format to showcase some of the talent our team had and called it the “Collected Works of Awesome”. You can find it on SCRIBD here!  This is Janean’s poem (and photo).






When I started Nutmeg Chatter I also reached out to Janean and she permitted one of her poems to be used with another team member’s photo (Karen Glosser who will be part of the Our Stories project later this month).  You can find the link to this piece HERE.




33 Janean Baird

Janean is also an artist and her work has been showcased in art galleries in Bloomington and Normal Illinois. She creates collages with cut paper.  So I thought it would be appropriate to try to do the same kind of collage for her. This is how it turned out.

I created Janean, and her house and the German Shepherd and a quote. I even put a Cubs insignia.


If you look at it close, you’ll find each item is actually cut paper including the grass, the sky, the house, the dog, really only Janean is one piece. And yet as I looked at it, and scanned it in, I found it was wrong. It was a nice attempt and a labor intensive one, and yet it wasn’t what I wanted.

janean and dog

So I went back to the drawing board literally and decided to honor Janean and her walks with Blue under the moonlight in my own way. It is simple and in its simplicity, found the perfect way to showcase Janean’s work.

I used the same effect for the night sky as I did for Doreen Breen’s in #23. with a dark purple, red, white and yellow mix.


The simplicity of the drawing allowed space for a poem and I found one that works perfectly for Janean’s Our Stories Crayon Diary.

So welcome to Janean’s story. Remember to LIKE her facebook page and check out her blog!




5 thoughts on “Our Stories: 33 Janean Baird

  1. What a pleasure to meet Janean and Blue. The two of them walking beneath the night sky feels so fitting, yet I do like the collaged piece too!

    1. Rose,
      Thank you for reading Blue’s and my story that Joe wrote. That big, sweet dog and I are on the sidewalk under the sky *nearly* as often as we are inside. We’d rather be outdoors nearly always. Beautiful day to you.

  2. Thank you, Joe!!! It is beautiful! Words and your artwork, I do extra like the nighttime scene you settled on. Thank you! Blue and I JUST came in from outside too. Morning walks. Nighttime walks. In between walks too.

    You did a great job on my house as a collage! Smiled about the Cubs logo. Cubs were Mike’s tram, and now my oldest son insists he is a Cubs fan…but we never turn a game on. I was raised a Cardinal and married a Cub. My mom is a super Cardinal fan and my parents go to several games a year in St. Louis.

    Definitely AWESOME! So glad we met via twitter all those years ago. Thank you, Friend. I look forward to hanging your original artwork in my home.

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