Our Stories: 32 Amber Maida

32 amber

Artist Amber Maida creates beautiful, breathtaking mixed media paintings that incorporates real elements like feathers, string, egg shells, within her work.  I first heard Amber Maida’s story on Jacque Williams’ “Feel Good Show” during a “live and local” Thursday broadcast on WAPJ radio and then had the privilege of meeting the artist at Dennis Bialek’s Stepping Stones gallery in Torrington. I wrote about her solo show on Nutmeg Chatter and you can read it HERE.

I was then fortunate enough to see her work at Serendipity. Her work was showcased perfectly; the majestic large canvases graced the walls of the gallery right at the corner of the Litchfield Green. I wrote about that show too! You can read THAT article HERE. 

Amber writes in her artist statement “In 2010 I sustained major lung surgery, which invited a greater awareness of time, life, love and gratitude”. Her work is clearly informed by her experience. In painting there is healing.  She tells a story; if you stand in front of her paintings long enough, up close where you can see the ornate details of the textural layers,  you will hear it.

the feather

To create my painting to honor her work I felt compelled to use mixed media and incorporate a textural layer and providence provided a hand. My daughter found a feather in the playpark and brought it home. I asked her about it and she offered it to me to use in the painting. So there is a feather painted into the painting behind the figure of Amber, Can you see the feather? That’s a real feather in the painting.  That is my homage to Amber Maida’s incredible work.


amber 2

For the figure of Amber, I drew it with pen/ink and colored it with pastels and then cut it out to place on top of the Amber Maida style painting I created. This created a simple 3D effect and accentuates the 3D textural quality of her paintings.

And once again I used a new media style. I used acrylic paint to create an Amber Maida style painting but bear in mind, I really can’t do it justice. I can give you the idea of one, but I can’t produce one. I urge you to see her paintings up close at her next show (and I’ll put the information out there as soon as I know when one will be!)angel wings


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