Our Stories: 31 RC Fullerton

31 Robert C Fullerton

Robert C Fullerton is an American singer-songwriter who resides in Torrington. His first album, NEVER TOO LATE and certain singles are found on itunes and amazon .  His upcoming album this year is entitled Let it Rain.

I’ve worked with RCF on a video that we filmed in Torrington for his song SHOESTRING

I also drew him in The Crayon Diary comic strip


This year, Robert C Fullerton visited the Fullerton Mansion which is New York. Yes, the name isn’t a mistake, the former home of Judge William Fullerton is  Robert’s great-great-grandfather’s older brother. William was fishing buddies with Chester A Arthur and was an attorney in the infamous Tilton – Beecher (Henry Ward Beecher) scandal trial.

It only makes sense that Robert C Fullerton, the singer, tells the story from here (we interviewed him for Black Tie Lunchbox HERE:

With Robert C Fullerton possibly creating music inspired by the work of his relative from the Fullerton Mansion, I felt THIS representation should showcase the Fullerton Mansion.

In addition I selected a representation of RCF in a wardrobe he uses for some theatrical functions that seems to be of the period.

For more information on Robert C Fullerton and his music CHECK OUT HIS WEBSITE HERE




2 thoughts on “Our Stories: 31 RC Fullerton

  1. Another marvelous feature, Joe! Love the artwork. It’s so interesting to read about your process in creating each profile. And a fascinating interview with Robert on Black Tie Lumchbox!

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