Our Stories: 30 Kurt Boucher


Kurt Boucher is an actor and singer and puppeteer and I had the pleasure of acting with him in Keith Paul’s directorial triumph “REVENGE OF THE SPACE PANDAS” at the Desultory Theatre Club (see a fun promo I shot with Kurt here!)


Now I knew that Kurt was a Dr Who fan. There was no question that I was going to draw something Dr. Who related. Of course his friends at Pocket Vinyl did a very fun depiction in the Dr. Who spirit very recently so I thought it was appropriate to do a shout out to them by writing the word “VINYL” on the pocket!

Kurt creates music and entertainment with Lana Peck in a group called Glum Puppet and one of the songs is “Have a Potato” which is so catchy I had to share



But you’ll note that this Dr. Who has a companion, in this case it’s a puppet and the puppet looks kind of..glum. And he’s holding a potato. So that’s the shout out to this part of the Kurt experience!


Now as to the look, you’ll note that there are 12 “Doctors” to choose from if one were to showcase someone in Dr. Who garb. I went with the Tom Baker with the distinctive scarf.

As it turned out, which I saw afterwards, this was a perfect choice. If one looks at the ABOUT section of Glum Puppet one will see a newspaper article where Kurt is shown as, you guessed it, the Tom Baker version of Dr. Who.  Check it out HERE!


And finally there was a shout out to the name DROSH here in the police sign of the Tardis.

Oh…and what’s that in his hand? Well Kurt had posted on facebook a cryptic message that said “What is this?” (he knew he was asking others).  As it turns out it is a vintage lighter but it looks like something Dr. Who would find so I put it in!


2 thoughts on “Our Stories: 30 Kurt Boucher

  1. So nice to meet Kurt through your creative expression. Such a wonderful project!

    I’m already looking forward to “Our Stories” of July. 🙂

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