Our Stories: 29 Jon Bristol


29 jon bristol

Jon Bristol is the founder and visionary behind Elmwood Productions-the home of Elmwood Puppets and More and the writer of his very popular blog Jon’s Java-A Puppet a Day.

I enjoyed the privilege of interviewing Jon for Nutmeg Chatter HERE.

bristol 2a

When creating this artwork for Jon it was obvious that I should center Jon around his puppets the way Jim Henson’s inconic photos often do. But then I took it one step further and turned Jon and his fiance Brie into puppets.

I depicted Jon and Brie surrounded by two puppets from the original Steve the Vampire series HERE Steve and Ophelia.

bristol 1a

In addition I ensured there was plenty of characters from their most recent venture HEAD, a puppet horror film. Here I show one of the characters giving Johnny Sojive the eye! Meanwhile two other puppets, the sheep named “BOB” and a panda from Revenge of the Space Pandas and I had the opportunity to work with at Desultory Theatre Club (directed by Keith Paul#17 in this series). Here’s a video promo we did

and also HERE and HERE (this one is my favorite!

bristol 410701995_759798557420694_2069170072074318876_n

I’ve also acted with Jon, I played a character named “Bill” and his puppet was the game show host in a production ALSO directed by Keith Paul!

Jon Bristol has created a menagerie of wildly funny and innovative characters and it’s been a pleasure to work with him and his talented team of puppet professionals! I hope one day to do so again!

bristol 3a Find out more about the horror puppet film “HEAD: here including a trailer!

Now HEAD will be screened TWICE in August! August 21 and 22 at Paris in Plantsville (check it out HERE!)  and in Hamden on August 28th (check it out HERE!)




One thought on “Our Stories: 29 Jon Bristol

  1. Thanks so much for including me and my work as part of this project, I love the piece so much! It’s an honor!!!
    – JB

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