Our Stories: 28 Ginger Balch

28 ginger

Ginger Balch is the owner/proprieter and textile artist of In Sheep’s Clothing which is located in downtown Torrington on Water Street. Ginger was one of the FIRST business owners I got to know downtown when I became more involved with the city arts scene a few years back at a time when her store was on the second floor of a building on Main Street. I remember the store’s move to Water Street (ground level) and I’ve always been appreciative of what Ginger does to help the downtown business community.

Now some may already know that I’ve created other artwork/entertainment pieces well before this project that featured her.

One idea was a youtube I did featuring her store and “Preparations for the big snow storm!” It was fairly popular and can be used year after year. Here it is!


I also drew a Crayon Diary that featured her store (this is a clipping from the Register Citizen newspaper!)




So obviously I wanted to find another unique way of celebrating Ginger and what she does for our community. So I created this is very unique  3-D artwork (it’s still 6 x 8). It has use of mixed media not just pen/ink and crayon but also YARN! I stopped by In Sheep’s Clothing for the YARN (I didn’t tell Ginger what it was for!)

It’s bright and colorful and it prompted my daughter to want to be involved in this Our Stories Project!

sheep 1

There are two happy sheep peeking out from the yarn.

And of course Ginger is the center of the piece peeking out from the yarn!

sheep 2


To find out more about Ginger and In Sheep’s Clothing check out the facebook page HERE!!!




2 thoughts on “Our Stories: 28 Ginger Balch

  1. What a great mixed media piece! I dig Ginger and In Sheep’s Clothing, and your post reminds me that I really need to visit Torrington so I can stop in to drool over some beautiful fibers. 🙂

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