Our Stories: 27 Kate St Amand

27 kate

Kate St Amand is an extraordinary choreographer and co-artistic director of SYREN modern dance company. SYREN is based out of New York but the company has performances in many states including Connecticut.  I have been privileged enough to enjoy performances St Amand has choreographed with the Nutmeg Ballet students (Kune, Greene and The Arrow of Time) and I was fortunate enough to profile Kate for Nutmeg Chatter (St Amand is a graduate from the Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory).

Her dance company creates MODERN dances that are graceful and challenging so I attempted to create a sweeping modern piece of art. The sweeping motion within the picture is meant to create the feeling of movement associated with dance.

kate 1

One of the most intriguing dances SYREN has staged is one that I will have the opportunity to see next year and it is called Fugue (formerly Wayside Sacrament). The inaugural performance was staged in a church in New York so the figure in the center of the artwork is draped in the wardrobe of the dancers from that piece and the architectural element of the church is referred to in the top right.

kate 2

SYREN works with the Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory and as St Amand is a graduate there, I wanted to ensure the Premiere Studio at the Nutmeg is depicted, so it is in the top left.




kate 3


The Syren Modern Dance company holds practices at the NY studio. I depicted that location in the bottom right.


kate 4

And of course I wanted to have a depiction that Kate would enjoy of her children. On facebook there is a very nice photo of the two children on a bench just like I have depicted here.


If you’re a dancer, note that SYREN is holding auditions on July 25th in New York.

I encourage you to check out SYREN on their website HERE to find out more about their work and LIKE SYREN DANCE on Facebook HERE!


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