Our Stories: 26 Tabitha Oates



Tabitha Oates is a mom,  a student and an entrepreneur and does so many things that I’m sure her friends may wonder, “How does she do it all?” My answer here is simple: It’s magic, or at least that’s what the children think in this fun artistic piece for Our Stories.

It made sense to put the children as the focal point of the artwork because it’s clear the children are the focal point of Tabitha’s life.   The children have discovered that how Mom does it all is MAGIC and they want to create magic too so they have a magician’s hat, deck of carts, wand and a cape! It looks as if they are preparing to put on a magic show.

In the background on the wall are three letters: A. L. J. which are of importance to Tabitha.

t 2 t 3

Also on the wall is a small shelf with candles as I knew that Tabitha has sold Partylite products and has used social media to get the word out about her products.  (note: entrepreneur).

t 4

And on a table in the next room are a number of books. These represent the classes she’s taking. I commend her on advancing her education and wanted to give it a shout out here. For the original, I may handwrite classes she’s actually taken.

t 1

And of course I put Tabitha in the back, looking on with a knowing grin, knowing the children are going to create magic just through the magic that IS childhood.


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