Our Stories: 24 Deb Gluz

Deb Gluz is a neighbor and friend who has a wonderful sense of humor and happens to be a math teacher. Not just any math teacher, Deb was awarded Teacher of the Year this past April!


And when I say she has a wonderful sense of humor, you should know that she often posts cartoons and funny pictures on her facebook page and in her group Torrington Community so I thought it would be perfect to draw a cartoon in the style of Gary Larson’s Farside and put Debra in it!

To personalize it further, I made sure that one of the characters in it was going to wear a HARTFORD WHALERS jersey. I knew it couldn’t be the teacher, so I had one of the students wear it! All of the dogs are drawn the way Larson draws dogs.




But that’s not all. Did I mention dogs? Debra and her husband Michael are dog lovers. Every day I see them walking their dogs with loving care.  Now truth be told I’m not sure how many dogs they actually HAVE but I took care to place the dogs I recalled and saw in some photos in the back row of the class!

cool dogs in the back row



I came up with three options, three varations on what the caption should be.

Vote for which one you like (in a comment or in a comment on facebook)

OR if you have a different caption you think works, share that TOO!
At the end of the day, Deb can select the one she likes best and I’ll put those words on the original!


4 thoughts on “Our Stories: 24 Deb Gluz

      1. Thank you Julie! This was a riff on the original by Gary Larson whose Farside cartoon referenced dogs eating their own homework. I consider it an homage but felt it works with Deb’s story!

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