Our Stories: 23 Doreen Breen



Doreen Breen is the creator of SOUL THREADS which specializes in clothing that is hand dyed, hand painted and colorful.  She is ALSO an integral member of the northwest Connecticut’s arts community and the architect of the Nights Out on Main in downtown Watertown, Connecticut. The thing I feel I got most right on it is the color of the sky. I used a techinque of layering pastels, some purple, some orange, some red with a little yellow.  Artistically, this represented the spirit I wished to share when discussing Doreen’s work.

doreen B and W

You see I tried creating this particular artwork 3 times including one I inked all the way through.
In this version, one can see I had Doreen’s friend, puppetmaster Robin McCahill standing next to one of the tables. I didn’t get the figure exactly correctly.

And I was going to have Doreen looking on from the left side.

Ultimately I decided to put Doreen within the frame, so I redrew it, inked it and colored it.



family members

In this version I have family members at the table. And I have a family member (who is a fire performer) with an unlit item used in fire performance.


At the tents there are signs for Soul Threads, for Nights Out on Main and the third one, in the distance, is for Karen Rossi, who hosted Doreen at her studio (from which there was press and it was there that I took some wonderful photos of Doreen. Doreen had a very special outfit in the window of Karen Rossi’s. It was a labor of love. I no longer have those photos after my former computer crashed but my recollection was that it was blue with some color hand painted into it (I mean it was intricate and more than that but I had that as an inspiration for the outfit that I have Doreen wearing.

doreen close up

And the background is of course Watertown, presumably during a Nights on Main Street event!

Nights on Main Street is going to be a big series this year. The city blocks off the main street in town that runs along the series of shops. There are tents set up with vendors. There are street performances (drum circles, dances, and even fire performers!)


So check out Doreen’s work and check out Soul Threads!



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