Our Stories: 22 Mary Bierce-Ferrari

MARY BIERCE FERRARIFrom time to time on facebook I’ll run across a post with a quote that says in essence,”Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle” or some variation thereof. I thought of that quote as I created this work for my facebook friend Mary Bierce-Ferrari.  We’ve never met, Mary and I, but I know that she has a wonderful grandson and she loves spending time with him and is so proud of him.  And I knew she’s had some struggles, none of which I was fully knowledgeable of and truly, I wouldn’t share those struggles here even if I had the knowledge.

When this idea for the art project came up, she didn’t know what to expect, I suppose no one did, really. But she asked me what I would create and if I could create “a child walking with his grandma and a angel over them”. I said that I would.

Over the course of the 21 other drawings, Mary has been a staunch cheerleader of the project and looking forward to her own turn. I took a long time today deciding the view, the angle and what medium to use.

flowers in coe park


I decided water color. Up until now that is one medium I had not used. I will color in the street lights with a yellow crayon to create a glow, but I wanted the water color look.


I decided to have situation in the artwork take place in Coe Park. Something about that made sense. I knew she had the Torrington connection but some people might like a Coe Park depiction, some might not. Instinctively I knew she would want Coe Park as the place to walk and I chose it.

angel in coe park





I penciled the artwork in and then began an inking process.

I decided to have the female angel somewhat hidden among the trees and give a multicolored texture to it. I didn’t want the depiction of the angel to be so overt as to be the focal point of the work, I wanted the angel to blend in with the tree. I still wanted the focal point to be the grandmother and the grandson walking together.



When I had finished the work, I sent via message over to Mary; she said there were tears of happiness. Coe Park was their favorite place to walk and she knows her loved one, a guardian angel watches over her.  We all have opportunities to connect with one another and we all have the opportunity to make those connections thoughtfully, sincerely and with kindness.

mary in coe park




4 thoughts on “Our Stories: 22 Mary Bierce-Ferrari

  1. Im sorry it took me awhile to comment. I just want to say this piece is amazing. The artwork is perfect and the story especially you knowing we walked there and my mom was the angel i was thinking about. Wow. This is the most touching thing ever done about and for me and with such class. 😇😇😇

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