Our Stories: 21 Rich Cyr

CYR 21 ARich Cyr is a hardworkin’ stand-up comedian with an eye and an ear for television humor. He often wears his trademark “The Claw” t-shirt, a self reference to his hand for he has Cerebral Palsy, and he discusses his hand and his life lessons at length during his act. In fact he’s working on a rebranding of the Claw artwork with a fellow Connecticut artist who I recommended.  Earlier this year I met and then wrote about Cyr for my Nutmeg Chatter and definitely could have decided to use some part of the “Claw” iconography. But instead I wanted to celebrate Cyr’s love of television comedy first and foremost.

rich cyr 2

You see Rich goes to conventions and loves to meet the television stars of the comedies he grew up enjoying. He has photos with the cast of the Love Boat, of WKRP in Cincinnati, and Family Ties. There’s the big smile and an arm around the shoulder.  And he’s a writer with fantastic ideas for television comedies and no doubt that will be part of his career path at some point.

And I considered after his own standup performances he’ll go out and meet the audience. He’ll pose with everyone who wants a photo, big smile and arm around the shoulder and I considered that if he had a show in the 80’s, he would be one of the guests at those conventions, meeting fans and taking photos.


So I wanted to depict a promo pic for a fictional 80’s sitcom featuring Rich Cyr.  I chose an 80’s style television (remember turing the dials to a UHF station?) In the 80’s if he wore a solid color shirt it would have to be a bright color-I went with red.  And the pun on his name (his name is pronounced SEAR-like sear a steak) as the program title and tagline “cyr-iously funny”

I used the computer heavily in this one. The original artwork has my lettering-by-hand which did noes not have the neat, clean quality of the font. The font and computer coloring behind the figure created a more polished piece of art and was more consistent with the mood I wanted to capture.


Rich will be performing stand up on June 26th at 8pm at the Stonebridge Banquet Hall in Bristol at 8pm as a benefit for Help Relay For Life (only $15 a ticket)

LIKE his facebook page to find other performance dates HERE!



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