Our Stories: 20 Kailee Donovan and Chet Ostroski

KAILEE AND CHETKailee Donovan and Chet Ostroski are the founders of the enormously talented theater troupe The Backyard Theater Ensemble. Originally with ties to Southington, the group has found a home at the Thomaston Opera House Arts Center stage. I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing their work and interviewing them in Nutmeg Chatter (and director Donato D’Albis was featured in Our Stories 15.

k and c bte

Most recently both actors performed in Bellevile which I reviewed for the Register Citizen newspaper.

So for this artistic piece, I wanted to give them a classic actor/actress team portrait look like the golden age of Hollywood. I found a promotional picture of Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn sitting on a steamer trunk in front of faux postcards and I thought that was appropriate. I believe these accomplished actors will go far in achieving the theatrical dreams they seek.

Ostroski and Donovan can carry heavy dramatic roles (Belleville was a perfect example) but they appear to have a marvelous sense of humor off stage and a depiction of their life might be viewed through a lens of a vintage “screwball comedy” such as the one Grant and Hepburn starred in.

The Backyard Theater Ensemble will perform a drama next, Gidion’s Knot Aug 21-30 in Thomaston.

To keep the postcard feel, I used some color pencil for the backgrounds with crayon and pastel for the two subjects.

k and c close


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