Our Stories: 17 Keith Paul

keithEntertainer, Showman, Producer, Director, Master of Ceremonies, Keith Paul is the Ringmaster of a vast array of entertainment whether it’s managing the Robot Dance Off under his own banner the Desultory Theatre Club, announcing for Jennifer Hill’s SWAN DAY in CT, performing the master of ceremonies duties at designer Ebony Amber’s fashion show, directing challenging productions at the Warner Theater, co-hosting Burlesque acts in New Haven and Torrington, Keith Paul does it all and more.


He’s been depicted multiple times in art by artists including myself so clearly the distinctive person and personality of Keith Paul resonates with the artistic community. I’ve created art prior to this celebrating the Desultory Theater Club and the performances they create (including an entire series in the comic strip about a character going to the Robot Dance Off)

Now the artwork I have as the final version is exactly what I was thinking of in terms of Keith in a ringmaster outfit, the deep red juxtaposed against the dark black tie, collar and hat. So that’s the final version.

keith 2

But two nights ago I saw a documentary on Hunter S Thompson and it showed how Ralph Steadman’s artwork captured the persona of his subject. Steadman’s work is iconic and it’s more representative in a way of Keith’s work than my style. So I drew out a “Vintage Keith P” in the same Steadman style with Keith in the same pose as Hunter S Thompson (replacing Thompson’s cigarette holder with a microphone).


For more information on Desultory Theater Club check HERE


This artwork and all of the original artwork will be on display at Karen Rossi Studios in Torrington on 7/2-7/9 with an artist opening 7/2.





3 thoughts on “Our Stories: 17 Keith Paul

  1. Another great post ~ and fab way to get to know Keith better!

    Plus, I’m a long-time LoVeR of Ralph Steadman’s work, so “Vintage Keith P” has a special appeal to me!

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