Our Stories: 16 Sheila Ivain

sheilaOne of my earliest supporters in Connecticut for my artistic endeavors was Sheila Ivain. When there’s an event in town, Sheila’s there with her camera and she takes equisite photos, capturing the moments with clarity and artistry.


When I began drawing artwork celebrating our community, I showed up on her radar and Sheila became a friend and staunch supporter ever since. When I had my first solo art show at the Register Citizen news cafe in 2013, I had this piece of art created to honor Sheila. I chose to use the same color palette for this piece.

Sheila created her own site to document the world of arts/culture in our community called HITDATAFT (Hanging In town, Driving Around Town, Any Fine Town) Here it is on facebook HITDATAFT/FACEBOOK and here’s the HITDATAFT website.   Sheila has a wonderful whimsical sense of humor. Many of her profile pics have her face somehow incorporated into a POP culture picture.  I decided to create an American POP style artwork that was bright and vivid, befitting my subject.

I have her wearing a gray outfit that she wore for a photo shoot for local photographer Evan Van Deusen. And she is taking the photo, so all we the viewer see is the camera looking back and the big Sheila Ivain smile. I have HITDATAFT written on a bracelet.

16 and hitdataft

The 16 is there (this is the 16th piece of artwork). It’s hidden, but there. the straps of the camera, one on each side, makes the 16.

And as you can see the bright yellow of the hair and red in the background with a the gray outfit and a hint of blue for the straps. That’s the exact same colors I used for the very first piece of artwork I did to celebrate Sheila which now hangs on a wall in her house.

Check out Sheila’s wonderful photography from the links I’ve shared!





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