Our Stories: 15 Donato D’Albis

donatoI wrote an extensive profile piece on director/teacher Donato D’Albis for Nutmeg Chatter. What you find if you read the article (and you should!) is that he’s an extremely learned man who put himself through school while working as a floral designer with extensive theater credentials (*Yale MFA for directing) and recently he’s been the director for most of the Backyard Theater Ensemble’s performances.



So for this piece I went with an extremely contemporary theme. Donato’s theatrical preference is for realistic works so I drew his face with an eye toward realism but the entire work crafted in such a way that it was like a contemporary artistic flower.  Of course on one of the “petals” is the very clear reference to the Backyard Theater Ensemble, indentified by the green (grass) behind a white fence and the theater masks.


Then I wanted to incorporate his Fu Jow Pai (Black Tiger) martial arts training. So I created tiger elements on the left (and note: hid the “15” this is the fifteenth Our Story” in the markings) and the martial arts tool on the right.



And of couse he’s a director (how I know him most) so the top petal is the form of a director’s chair.

All in all, this is the most contemporary artistic style I have ever created thus far and I hope you like it the floral arrangement perspective of this work.

Donato will be directing the Backyard Theater Ensemble in Gideon’s Knot  (performances 8/21-8/30/2015 at the Thomaston Opera House Arts Center Theater.), a drama that takes place in a school and dicusses concepts of freedom of speech vs societal needs. At the end of each performance there will be a talk back session with the director, actors, and school psychologists. So you will you have the opportunity to experience Donato D’Albis’ work this year and that opportunity receives my highest recommendation.





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