Our Stories: 14 Maureen Manning

manning boys 1

My sister Maureen is a kind, generous, thoughtful person with a loving family and an often adventurous life. When thinking of artwork for my sister Maureen there’s a myriad of ways to go about it and there’s only so much I could put in a 6 x 8inch canvas (It’s going to be the same dilemma when I try to create art for my sister Bernadette and for my mom in the July series).

Obviously I’ve known Maureen for her entire life and we share many memories together. She is  a wonderful sister, wonderful mother and wonderful wife to Joe Manning, her husband. I could have done a family portrait but I’m not a portrait artist and they already have family portraits (photos) in their house so I felt it wasn’t the way to go with this Crayon Diary idea.

tommy 1

One key aspect of Maureen’s personality that I know as her brother is that Maureen is fun. She always tries to find ways for her two boys, Joey and Tommy, to have new adventures. If Maureen goes on a trip, she’ll try to find a way (during summer/winter breaks) for her boys to come with her.  As this Crayon Diary is a visual “trip” I felt in this case, I could consider focusing on the boys for the artwork.

Maureen is an educator so if I found a fun literary reference, I wouldn’t be too far away from the mark.  So I was thinking of a way to have a literary flair that focused on her two boys.



I considered that finding a reference to our own childhood would be a nice way to bring another color to this piece of work as well. Now growing up in the Quirk household we always had books and my brothers and I had an entire collection of Hardy Boys books. I still have most of them.  I felt it would be a great frame of reference for our family and for Maureen’s family to depict her two boys as the “Manning Boys” for the Manning Boys mysteries.

The Tower Treasure is the first book in the Hardy Boys series so I created a riff on that work. The boys are wearing a Bruins jersey and a Tom Brady Patriots jersey (their favorite teams).

Maureen, I love you and I hope you enjoy this Crayon Diary artwork and don’t be surprised if in the future I create another piece of artwork focusing on a different aspect of your life and interests!


4 thoughts on “Our Stories: 14 Maureen Manning

  1. I love this and can’t think of a woman who would appreciate it more than Mo. I love the thought that goes into a gift such as this. Thanks for making me smile this morning.

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