Our Stories: 11 Karen Rossi

KAREN ROSSI FINALKaren Rossi is an exceptional artist whose work is enjoyed across the globe. Showcased in galleries, in public spaces and in private homes, her images have a distinct whimsical style and enjoy an enromous following. Licensed versions of her work have gone on to sell millions in annual sales throughout the years.

Karen Rossi Studios is located in the heart of downtown Torrington and she has one of the driving forces behind Torrington Arts Walk, a popular feature in the northwest Connecticut scene.

Extremely generous in nature, when the Our Stories project came about, Karen not only joined it, she offered to showcase all of the originals at her downtown location in the big front window on East Main Street.


Grateful, I had to figure out how to create the artwork to celebrate Karen Rossi’s work.

Now immediately one thought was to draw the entire piece in Karen’s style but decided it would be nice to draw it in MY style and then incorporate some of Karen’s elements into the work.

So I had Karen create Karen on a “fanciful flight”. The “fanciful flight Karen” has long blonde hair, she’s wearing goggles and holds a rivet gun and blow torch (because Karen creates metal work) and for the “charms” I used a trout, a foot and a moon. The trout I chose because Karen’s first metal piece she worked on to show her father was a trout and it came out so well that he, a welder, allowed her access to her tools to create her work moving forward. The foot is a variation of the Torrington Arts Walk, an endeavor that Karen’s worked tirelessly for to get it up and running. And the moon symbolizes the dream, for Karen embodies the attributes of someone who has worked hard to make her dreams a reality and now continues that work while helping others achieve their dreams.


photo (14)
Karen Rossi and J. Timothy Quirk at Karen Rossi Studios in Torrington, CT. Note the blue artwork on the bottom left and the musical one on the top left. Both are featured in my Crayon Diary rendition of Karen!

Karen is a dog lover and one of her canine friends is Pirate. I watched a youtube of Pirate trying to sing “happy birthday” and wanted to put the little guy in there. The piece to the right is something that was being worked on in Karen’s store when I visited a few days ago!  The piece on the far left celebrates music and was also in Karen’s Torrington studio when I visited.

The metal flower represents the work she creates for public spaces and for private gardens.

The red outfit she is wearing came from a painting she created celebrating travels in New York city!

Now the entire “Karen hanging from a wire” idea I thought would be a unique interpretation but I found a photo of Karen doing just that from many years ago on her site www.karenrossi.com!

So if you are on facebook PLEASE LIKE KAREN ROSSI STUDIOS on facebook!

And please come on down to Karen’s studio on the first week of July and see this and all of the original artwork from this series! There will be some exciting news about WHEN the artswalk will be in July so stay tuned!



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