Our Stories: 10 Debra Corrine

dcIt was well over a year and a few months ago that I began “The Crayon Diary” comic strip in the newspaper in the Register Citizen. At that time a supporter of our city of Torrington who liked The Crayon Diary on facbeook asked if I drew people’s houses. I responded in both the comments section of the page and via fb message but my response may have gone in their “OTHER in box” on facebook as I wasn’t facebook friends with her at that time and the idea did not come to pass.


Throughout the course of that year through a Torrington based facebook group I got to know Debra.  Debra became more involved in the group and promoted the positive community events and we became friends. I knew she was an educational advocate. I knew she loved her dogs and her community.

When this idea to create  artwork on Our Stories came about were a number of ways to go to draw something for Debra but I remembered from that first message, my first real introduction to Debra about the house. I asked her if that was something she would like to see. Perhaps surprised I remembered that earlier correspondence, she said yes!  The home has meaning for her that is personal and special. And the tree in front of the house provides joy as many birds, especially doves find their home there.  So I wanted to draw both the house and the tree in front of the house.

photo (12)

I drew the structure of the house first. The black and white pencil/ink came out very well. I enjoyed placing the two dogs in the window! I also ensured I put in the detail of the statue of the dog holding the basket at the bottom of the stairs.





I didn’t place Debra in the art because I wanted this representation to give the feel of pulling into the driveway. The viewpoint we see is Debra’s viewpoint with her canine friends not so patiently waiting for her return!





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