Our Stories: 9 Tracy Walton

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In January 2014 I met Tracy Walton at Backstage restaurant in Torrington and interviewed him for Nutmeg Chatter. Walton had just been nominated in the Best Male Performer category for the New England Music Awards and the opportunity to discuss music with this local icon was a generous gift of his time as my website was then still an idea of what I planned to create so it is a fact that Nutmeg Chatter began with Tracy Walton.



During that first interview I discovered it had always been an aspiration of his to perform at the Warner Theater so when I drew the artwork for the interview, it was of Walton in Torrington in front of the Warner Theater. I even put his name on the marquee.

As I look at the artwork today, it is wildly prescient for now the dream is becoming a reality this July 18th! Walton will be performing at the Warner’s Nancy Marine studio in Torrington! This is going to be the all out ultimate Tracy Walton concert. There will be musical guests Julia Autumn Ford, Krizta Moon and Beckie Kessler with many surprise guests.

Walton’s always been generous to the community.  He’s worked with Music in Common, he offered his studio time (On Deck Studio) as an award for last year’s Northwest Idol, he was honored by the mayor with “certificiate of appreciation” for his service to the community in helping newer musicians in the area.  So for this art project I wanted to something BIG for the big event in July. So I created a “riff” on the first artwork, of Walton with guitar near the Warner with his name on the marquee!

The pastels for the sky were then flattened with blue crayon and then I used a scraping method to create the Van Gogh style wind. This is actually two pieces together. The first piece has the Warner, the second piece has Walton and putting them together creates the whole work!

Please check out Tracy Walton’s music HERE

and the July 18th event HERE!




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