Our Stories: 8 Anti-Radio (Jeff Testanero and Jenn Scanlon)

ANTI RADIO FINALJeff Testanero and Jenn Scanlon are leading an audio-cultural revolution with ANTI-RADIO, a program currently on WAPJ FM in Torrington. With 2,000 fb likes and counting, this team brings no apology metal music. I met them when writing an article about their ANTI-FEST on Nutmeg Chatter.  They created ANTI-FEST, a concert that was a benefit for the National Alliance on Mental Illness.


Now at the onset of that article, Jeff Testanero was wearing a FLASH t shirt. One idea I considered and but decided against was to create a Bruce Wayne moment of the “bat signal shining onto a wall but instead of the bat signal, I’d use the Anti-Radio logo.

But the concept of Superman opening the shirt in preparation of heroic work seemed to work best and in the new 52 series by DC, there is a relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman and they are a team in the ongoing self titled series.

So I created Jeff and Jenn in the preparation for battle action moment. Jenn’s golden lasso is the microphone (from the radio show-the 8 signifies the 8th “Our Story”). TEAM ANTI is a real thing, there are t-shirts with this phrase but here it’s in the form of a sort of comic book cover title.





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