Our Stories: 6 Roberta Boe

roberta boe 6

Roberta Boe is a friend who does so many interesting things I might have to edit this post later just to add more info! She’s a digital artist and graphic designer and it took me a while and a few different drafts to figure out how best to create the artwork about her.

boe 1

The first idea I had was to draw Roberta at her studio. I penciled it out and even inked her in the artwork. Roberta has distinctive long black hair and focusing on the large computer with some of her artwork on the background could have worked. I was going to have an open window in this rendition of her studio with the Nutmeg Ballet Conservatory’s iconic logo on the building  prominently displayed (like that Nutmeg logo on the building? Roberta did that!) Now all in all, it would have worked had I worked through completion of it. but I felt it was somewhat flat and needed something more inspirational.

I found in one of her photos online a photo of Roberta looking up at art. There is an inspired look in her eye. I think that look captures more than anything I could fill a fictional representation of her studio with so I felt that was the story.
boe 2

I drew that version of Roberta and inked it and it looked nice, it just didn’t look like Roberta. I think I’ve mentioned before and will mention again that I don’t do portrait work, there are others who do it far better than I and actually, Roberta is one of those artists! She creates digital portraits especially of animals, pets, etc. So if you’re interested in a portrait of your pet, contact Roberta at BoesArts on Facebook.

Anyway I made the figure more prominent and then added four frames surrounding her. The top right frame is the Nutmeg building where she created the logo that is placed on there. She also created the Nutmeg’s 45th year anniversary logo which, when doing free hand I did relatively poorly but it’s a crayon cartoon so it’s supposed to represent the thing, not be the thing. On the bottom left is a representation of one of her animal portraits. On the top left is a representation of Rio Dde Janeiro because this is where Roberta originally hails from and I think it’s important to represent that part of her life.

Had I an additional frame or more space than 6 x 8inches I might have done a representation of her work on the Torrington Historic Preservation Trust. She is a board member there but with the confines of the project and the space, this is what I came up with. There were a few glitches doing the skin and I went over it and over it with different pastels and eventually peach crayon smoothed some of it out but that’s part of thecreative process.

Then it hit me. She’s a digital graphic designer who uses computers to create and improve images. So I used a digital program to change fix some of the inherent problems I had on the original. It’s not something I’ll do on all of them but for a digital graphic designer, that idea seemed to work and it improved the final artwork.

This is the 6th art. I hid the 6 in the Rio de Janeiro part of the painting. Instead of  buildings on the land, there’s a 6.

boe 3
original without computer enhancement
roberta boe 6
with computer enhancement-final version





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