Our Stories: 5 Kelly Trowbridge

KELLY TROWBRIDGE 5 finalNow Kelly Trowbridge and I have never met but the instant she joined the Our Stories Project I knew exactly the type of artwork I’d create for her. You see I’ve known Kelly via the internet for a long time, she’s a good internet friend of my sister and she’s shared posts about art she’s liked, she helps spread the word when there were online contests and I had a sense of what she’d enjoy.

photo (9)

The first thing I knew was that I was going to put Hello Kitty somewhere in the post. There are many times when Kelly had a Hello Kitty theme as a profile pic or some art was shared that had Hello Kitty in it so I wanted to add the kitten in the drawing.

And I knew I wanted to draw some of her garden. Kelly shares wonderful photos of gardens, flowers, plants, and the like and I wanted to incorporate those elements in it and make that the focal point.

The blue flowers were Hydrangeas in Kelly’s garden (she had a photo). And the pink rose was also a flower from her garden.  I knew she had some hanging plants so I added one.

Then I added a raised flower bed and the lone gardner behind it. I knew Kelly wore glasses so I made the gardener in sillouhette wear glasses. photo (8)

I hid the #5 (because this is the fifth in the series) on the water spout that Hello Kitty is holding.

I was going to leave the background one color only but as I started blending in some pastels, I started adding more and more to create a gardening at sunset feel.

The intention of the artwork was to create the type of message board where Kelly could write anything she wanted on the top and at the bottom would be the words “From Kelly’s Garden” which I added in font.

I shared it with Kelly and she liked it so I placed those words in the final rendition of the art.

As it turns out it is Kelly’s daughter who loves Hello Kitty so when Kelly shares that artwork, it’s Kelly’s way of honoring her daughter.  I am very happy that I have now honored her daughter as well and created a special piece of art just for this family.

More information about this project can be found HERE on this link. If you are interested in being a subject there is still opportunity to participate as of the time of this posting for just a few more people in July.





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