Our Stories: 4 Julie Stevens Bassett

julie  4


Julie Stevens Bassett is a Torrington friend who I met when I was running the “cash mobs” for the Facebook group T-Town Chatter.  She participated in the events when she could and there were times when she couldn’t because of her job, which if memory served involved taking care of dogs. The thing I knew most about Julie was that she loved dogs.

This would be the fourth Our Story and within this series I am placing the series number within each drawing. I was able to do this in a unique way here. The dog paw prints have four toes on each paw so that was the clue for it.

photo (7)

Julie has a shih tszu-poodle mix and a basset hound. I put them both in the drawing.

I didn’t have a dog print stamp which might have worked well so I improvised but ink dripped on one on the right side. I used pastel for the hair, the dogs, the brown background and crayon for the color within the circle.


More information about this project can be found HERE on this link. If you are interested in being a subject there is still opportunity to participate as of the time of this posting for just a few more people in July.


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