Our Stories: 3 Rachel Hannon Harrel

Rachel Hannon Harrel 3

I met Rachel online many years back when I was creating a cartoon called In Torrington Today. It featured a trolley in Torrington and the cartoon later became Nutmeg Junction. Rachel was an advocate for her city and she loved that I was showing Torrington in this way, in a cartoon.  With the whimsical nature of everything Rachel does, I felt doing a cartoon in this instance would work well.


Rachel runs “QUAILIES KIDS“, an online apparel store which now has physical locations in CT especially one that is now at Litchfield Artistans Guild, and in February 2013, I had an “art opening” at the Register Citizen’s newsroom cafe because I was artist for the month. Rachel came with her children and gave me a wonderful gift, it was a scarf that had the colors extremely reminiscent of the trolley. It was the first time we met in person.That March I drew a cartoon of the trolley celebrating Quailies as a thank you.

The designs in Quailies are bright and cheerful, and it reinforced my idea of doing a cartoon for this particular Crayon Diary “Our Story”.

photo (3)

When I started the cartoon depiction, I wanted it clear that the situation was a little “out of this world”. I wasn’t going for a serious profile piece, I wanted a bit of fun. So I drew Rachel and then immediately drew a unicorn. There was a unicorn in one of her facebook cover pages (her daughter was standing with one in the photo). I thought that would be perfect here.

Of course I wanted to show her family, Doug and the kids and put them at the top.

And Rachel does a lot of work with her church. I see her donating her time for her church’s good works in the community. I felt that was an important part of who Rachel is.

Finally I added the coat rack, so I could depict some of Qualiies Kids’s outfits.

Coloring it took some time. I used pastel and then crayon and then scraped some of that off with a pastel bar.

When it was complete it looked like a promotional ad for a cartoon, a show I’d watch! Who wouldn’t want to see the adventures of Rachel and her family running a business, doing good works all the while trying to take care of a mystical unicorn?

For more information on Quailies Kids go HERE for the website   and HERE for the facebook page !


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