Our Stories: 2 Eric Michael Lichter




Eric Michael Lichter is the creative visionary behind the “Dirt Floor” music experience (the production company, the live performances and of course his own music.  He’s also a man who’s all about his family; his daughter is the most important person in his life and so for this Crayon Diary entry, I wanted to incorporate all of these elements into this work of art. I depicted a fictious window to this performance room at Dirt Floor studio. There are windows there but they wouldn’t give this particular angle of the room.

the pencil sketch of EML



The sign on the right is clearly the Dirt Floor logo. On a table bottom right is a pair of Eric’s daughter’s pretend sunglasses, princess crown and necklace.  In the top shelf there’s a doll, another reference to his daughter. It’s high on the shelf so clearly she’s growing up. This might not be a doll she would play with now, but a reminder of a time where she might. Behind the doll is a poster for ICRV radio, a station in CT that Eric Michael Lichter is associated with.

After the pencil came the pen and ink. I debated keeping it pen/ink with crayon but felt the wood is a prominent part of the Dirt Floor experience and since it is distinctive and needed to be in color, the rest of the artwork would be in color as well.


photo (5)
in progress, the ink and pastel is added


Eric Michael Lichter is at the microphone. The time on the clock says 11:59 so it’s just before midnight.  He wears a hat in many photos from the studio, but I have him a vest ala Bob Dylan in “Subterranean Homesick Blues” .  The color photos of that show Dylan wearing a light blue shirt and blue pants so that’s what I gave him here.

The wood is in pastel (two colors of brown blended with yellow and white added. The color in the room is mostly crayon from the clothes, the light/mirror behind him and the Dirt Floor sign. There is some off white/gray color on the wall with pastel but very light.

To find out more about Eric Michael Licther and his work, follow the links in the first paragraph.

More information about this project can be found HERE on this link. If you are interested in being a subject there is still opportunity to participate as of the time of this posting for just a few more people in July. There is no obligation to purchase and if one did want to purchase the original it would be 15 dollars for an individual, $25 for a nonprofit organization and $35 for a commercial business.  I will amend the this post once all participant slots are filled.


2 thoughts on “Our Stories: 2 Eric Michael Lichter

  1. So sweet and good depiction of Eric, love for his daughter and passion for what he does, also a love which goes way beyond just work. This is wonderful!

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