Our Stories: 1 STEVE MALO


Founder of the facebook group “Connecticut Red Sox Fans: The First Line of Defense”, Steve Malo has an abiding love for his family, for the Red Sox, for AC-DC and for playing the guitar. I met Steve last year in the context of a Torrington based community effort on facebook and found him to be a likable, hard- working person so it didn’t surprise me at all to find out he was a teacher (also a guidance counselor).

Immediately I recognized that there was a lot to put in to a 6in x 8in frame. This would be the first for the series of “Our Stories”

malo 1
The first attempt

The first piece I did was the Green Monster with Steve depicted with his guitar standing on home plate dressed as Angus Young from AC-DC. On the Green Monster I put (instead of scoreboard or the ads) the initials of his children and a Maura (Heart) Steve. I drew it with pencil, inked it and then colored it in entirely in crayon. As a first attempt I liked how this worked. Still I felt I could try to do it just a little bit better.

So I  drew a close-up of Steve holding his guitar in front of the Green Monster. I’m not a profile artist but I felt this first artwork for the project needed the close-up. Then I put Angus Young in profile at the bottom. I colored some in crayon and then added pastel. The mix of the two seemed to really bring out the colors, the deep Red Sox red of the shirt, the blue of the sky, this is what I envisioned when I first came up with the idea for Steve.

I added pastel over the crayon on the first artwork but of the two, I like the close-up better.

The work in progress

I have hidden #1 in the artwork on the wall of the Green Monster (along with, again, the initials of the Malo children and “Maura”).

I created this first for Steve because a while back he had wanted me to draw artwork for him and I don’t really do commissioned work. But because of that request I wanted to honor it by drawing this for him first. He has seen it and has waited a week before posting it, but he was really happy with the results.

This is the FIRST of 30 pieces in June created using crayon as a part of medium.


More information about this project can be found HERE on this link. There is still opportunity to participate as of the time of this posting for just a few more people in July. There is no obligation to purchase and if one did want to purchase the original it would be 15 dollars for an individual, $25 for a nonprofit organization and $35 for a commercial business.  I will amend the this post once all participant slots are filled.


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