Starting tomorrow The Crayon Diary will begin the “OUR STORIES: The Original Art Project”.

In the month of June and July each day I will create art inspired by individuals who joined the project. I will post a story about the inspiration for the work with the art on http://www.thecrayondiary.com . At the end of June, the original artwork for the first 30 in the series will be on display in downtown Torrington, CT at @KarenRossiStudios for the first week of July for Torrington Arts Walk and Main Street Marketplace (they will showcased in the window). Come to downtown Torrington and see the art!  After the first week of July is over, the art will be removed so there is a limited time to see the work! Then again the 31 pieces of art for July will be on display for the first week of August at Karen Rossi Studios for Arts Walk and MSMPcontest torrington.

The artwork is 6 in x 8 inch and will incorporate crayon as a part of the creation. The original artwork will be NUMBERED in the order that each item is created (the number will be embedded into the art itself so the first artwork will have the number 1 somewhere in the art, the second one, number two, etc).

It’s not commission work and purchasing the art is not a requirement. If the person is interested, I priced it at 15 dollars for an individual, $25 if there’s a non-profit interested and $35 if there’s a commercial business interested to allow anyone who did want it to afford it if they so chose.

At the end of this project I hope we see something unique and interesting that would not, could not have been created outside this project.

***as of this editing 5/31 June is filled and there are only 7 spots left for July.


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