The Crayon Diary: The Babka P1: The video and the explanation






The Crayon Diary is my work that celebrates the medium of Crayon a medium that is reminiscent of childhood.


As I take The Crayon Diary into the future, I want to present the FIRST of many projects. The first being the story “The Babka”. This celebrates the community of Little Poland, New Britain, of which I was honored by being named an “Ambassador” in 2014. Little Poland is a wonderful community so named as New Britain has the largest Polish population of any city in CT and Broad Street has enjoyed the status of being the location of Polish businesses since 1890 (see wikipedia).

After being honored by the Polonia Association to be an ambassador I considered what might be a fitting way to say thank you. I decided to create the first video of my cartoon work and have the story centered around Little Poland.

Now after many, many visits to Little Poland bakeries, I foiund myself enjoying a particular item called a “Babka” which is a kind of cake. Using a cameo appearance of Nutmeg Junction trolley whom I renamed “Jozek”, the story unfolded quite nicely.




There are number of “Easter eggs” in the story. For one thing I added into the background “Stanley the Litte Poland Dragon” with the permission of the Polonia Business Association. And although of course any semblance between any person living or dead is stated and implied in the cartoon, if there is more than a passing resemblance to my friend “Adrian Baron” walking with Stanley, well that’s just wonderful too.

I depicted the New Britain library (a favorite location of mine) and Central Park but the emphasis was the family and Little Poland. I shall do another New Britain story that highlights other locations in a future video.

So with that in mind, I hope you enjoy the story!



One thought on “The Crayon Diary: The Babka P1: The video and the explanation

  1. Oh, Timothy, “The Babka” is simply charming. I love the story, the characters and the artwork! And now … I’m looking forward to looking back into your blog, as well as looking forward to seeing the new work that is born from your latest project!

    Such fun!

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