Cupcakes at Twilight. A memory from one year ago…

The first crayon diary cartoon
The first crayon diary cartoon

(Tonight, 7/11/2014, the kids and I visited Coe Park because Tracy Walton was performing. It reminded me of this very first Crayon Diary  I wrote before there was a Crayon Diary. Before the comic strip or T-Town Chatter, I wrote this. Enjoy...)

A cool breeze was our constant companion as the kids and I walked to the Five Points Arts district in Torrington. As far as Pearl Street we could hear Tracy Walton’s commanding guitar quench the thirst of music lovers in Coe Park. It was the kind of night where ice cream wasn’t required to stave off the heat, instead treats of all kinds could be enjoyed simply for their taste, for the experience and for the communion it symbolized with the ambiance of a Torrington twilight.
My daughter spotted a friend at the park and they shared some fun moments running and scootering and pretending to play hide go seek. My son sat still for a time on the bench as we enjoyed an Elvis cover song. Before we left we saw fine artist Nancy Johnston in the crowd and we were happy to say hello.
Upon leaving the park, we stood on Water Street enveloped by the glow of the Five Points Gallery that prominently lit up the corner as we waited for the walk sign. We crossed over to the Arts Desire where artists Julia Sloan displayed her unique Brazen Betties work , Ebony Parrish aka Asa Gleek displayed paintings and the movie Terrestrial Violence that was filmed in Torrington and Kate Stephens displayed her jewelry. There was a steady stream of the curious and the interested who visited the store while we were there. And as the art store was still open, I was able to purchase some art supplies! In the next room, a class of artists were painting together in the Artwell Gallery during their BYOB night. My son wanted to attend but it was already way past his bed time! Still that didn’t stop us from having one more treat for outside the Arts Desire, a cupcake van sold their unique creations and the kids enjoyed their wares. When we left the store we noticed another crowd was dispersing from the Warner Theater. Up the street there were still folks sharing a moment at the Ritz Crystal Room patio out front of Remember When.
As we journeyed home, fellow pedestrians yielded to the children and made a path. The children fell asleep within minutes of hitting the pillow, and perhaps they are traveling still in a Torrington inspired dreamscape.
Now this was a night when the Torrington Titans were playing a game and Camp Moe was having a carnival. In fact anyone who wanted to do something in Torrington had the ability to do it. And we happily celebrated the night our own way.
If I did not live here and if I were to simply hear of such a place, I would think it was an idyllic depiction not rooted in reality but molded merely by aspiration. But if I were to hear of it, and then hear of it again from other sources, I might think this is a place I should like to visit and how lucky those inhabitants of the town must be to thrive in that world.
Torrington may be within the thralls of a new golden age of arts and culture and certainly it may just be on the cusp of something even greater than the term “golden age” can encapsulate. But beyond this, it is the place where we build our memories that we may cherish as we grow older.
And tomorrow is another chance to build those memories and I hope, if you choose to do so, that you build them too.


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